Herne Hill cyclocross Dec. 20 2009

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Trip stats

Here are some stats on our journey from SF to NYC:
We have two delicate items in the cab with us: the staghorn fern and my sourdough starter. They are both still alive at the moment.
In Nebraska, they charge less for premium gas than regular. We asked a local about it and apparently “That’s how they do it here.” OK.
630 miles seems to be a good distance to drive each day. It ends up taking about 11 hours by the time you factor in the one hour we lose each time we change time zones.
Eva’s requirements for driving the truck are that it’s flat, straight, not windy or stormy, there’s daylight and there’s no traffic. Only parts of Utah have passed those criteria and thus, I’ve driven about 90% of the time so far.
Iowa rain storms. You can tell they’re getting bad when people put on their hazard warning lights. When they’re getting really bad, it becomes impossible to see the car in front of you despite it having said warning lights on.
We are currently driving through Ohio.

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no fun.

don’t ever leave your cell phone charger at work over the weeekend when

  • a) you’re house hunting and
  • b) it’s new years eve.

no fun.

glassware and records

today i went thrifting in chula vista in the hopes of finding clothes.  i only managed to find a pair of jeans to cut off into shorts but i did find some other cool stuff.  today was all about glassware and records.

i haven't really looked for records at thrift stores for a while but today turned out to be good.  the highlight was back in black for sure. secondly i got a set of 8 bird glasses which are pretty nice.  i think i'm all about having matching dishware from now on. 

also, for some reason i've never been to deseret industries before but it's pretty good.  they had quite a few records that all happened to be in immaculate condition.  also their clothes are ordered by size which i can't remember happening in a thrift store since this awesome one in eugene back in 2002.  finally the price tags have their logo on them and they use the same font as american apparel.  it's kinda weird.

excitement at the moustache house

The KUSI news van just parked outside our kitchen window with Lena Lewis. I hope something exciting is going to happen.  Maybe they are going to report on how being vegan reduces the chances of having twins by four times!

ps. If you go to the kusi site right now, they refer to myspace as a "blog site". cool!

where to move

eva and i can't decide whether to move to oakland or san francisco. i think i've reached a compromise though. we'll just move here instead:


until afterwards

i just got back from seeing graves at sea. it was all going really well until afterwards when i accidentally deleted all the photos i took. they were good ones too. oh well.

First post

well i figured i’d save my first post in this new blog for some important life changing event. well, tomorrow i’m going to enter into the world of brewing. i’ve been trying to do this for a while now but i think tomorrow it will finally happen. well if it does, i am sure there will be some photoblogging going on at this time tomorrow.