Food I made over Memorial Day weekend

1. Friday night | Pizza (Recipe)
2. Saturday night | Soba Noodles (Recipe)
3. Sunday morning | Crepes (Recipe)
4. Monday morning | Croissants (Recipe)

Every meal that was not one of the above either involved eating leftovers of the above, or was skipped entirely due to eating too much of the above.

Open cycle map is coming along

Andy Allan‘s cycle route oriented rendering of Open Street Map has been covering San Francisco for the past few weeks and its progress is coming along nicely:

Open Cycle Map SF

p.s. get involved here

Flickr integrates Open Street Map data for Beijing

Flickr has begun integrating Open Street Map map data into their world map feature.

It turns out that the data that Yahoo! Maps uses for Beijing is not very rich, so it would seem that Flickr looked to Open Street Map to improve their offering. The funny thing is, according to Flickr’s blog post on the subject, the process actually happened the other way around. Regardless, the point is that since Open Street Map data is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license, Flickr was able to integrate Open Street Map tiles to replace a section of the Yahoo! Maps data.

I recommend checking out Flickr’s blog post for more details and some good before and after shots where you can see the city transform from a grey mass into a network of streets and other features.

I have been contributing to Open Street Map for the past few months so it’s nice to see the work being put to use like this.

Seen on Webware


Flickr is also using OSM for:

Buenos Aires
Rio de Janeiro
Mexico City
…and probably a bunch more places too.

How to install SBC/ATT Yahoo DSL without the install CD in 5 easy steps

I just moved to a new place in San Francisco and of course the first thing I wanted to have sorted after I unpacked was an internet connection. ATT requires you to install software to setup the connection and of course, only OS X and Windows are supported. The last time I ordered DSL I had access to a windows computer to do the setup but this time I had my linux box and nothing else. As the activation day approached I started to get worried about how I would set everything up. Would I have to beg someone to lend me their laptop and allow me to install some horrid software on it (something I wouldn’t want to do to my own computer)? Or maybe I could call tech support and they could register me over the phone. I could just imagine the situation: Me “Hey could I register over the phone because I’m running linux and can’t install the software?” Tech support “We don’t support linux, see ya.”.

Anyway, the night before I went over to Paul, Jessalyn and Wilson’s house to do some research. I printed off this page and went home to find out my connection had been activated early. Anyway the instructions weren’t perfect for me but they included all the information I needed to get things going. Here’s a revised version/what I did:

  • 1 Open up your web browser (I recommend not using Firefox as it seems to have problems with some of ATTs crappy forms) and type to get to the modem config.
  • 2 Use the following temporary username and password to get a connection: username: “” password “sbcyahooreg”.
  • 3 To get your own login, go to or and go through the signup process.
  • 4 Repeat step #1-2 with your new login details.
  • 5 Run a speed test over at to be sure you’re getting all the speed you paid for.

the garden is stoked right now

so i figured since the fruits of the garden are at their best they've ever been right now i'd post a few photos.  eva and i have been eating chard and kale three times a week and we're barely keeping up with the plants' rate of growth.  they've also gone from perky to just crazy since I put the compost down and it got sunny a week ago.  now it's back to june gloom so hopefully that will stop everything going to seed.

the vegetable garden



uncarbonated, room temperature beer

so the bubbles slowed towards the middle of last week, i gave the beer a couple extra days to be on the safe side and today i decided to bottle. the peliminary taste test came out good. it’s always gonna be weird tasting uncarbonated, room temperature beer though. i can’t wait for a week’s time and there are some cold ones in the refridgerator.

so paul and jessalyn moved out on wednesday. jesse has meant to have been moving in everyday for the past four. it’s 7:30pm and he’s still meant to be moving in today. the house is already changing. the two living rooms are becomign somewhat color themed. it looks like the dining room will be green and the other one orange. it looks pretty good so far. also, when we fix pauls san francisco picture, we’ll have two pictures that incorporate lighting.

so i’ve spent a while over the past week editing the cyclocross wikipedia page. you should check it out.