for people who think mud, barriers, rows of marker tape and grass with paths worn into it looks cool

the cyclocross course porn group on flickr is shaping up nicely.


proposed cyclocross rule change drama

People have been getting really excited about the proposed rule change that Tom Simonson has proposed be added to the Cyclocross legislation. The proposed changes are as follows:

Page 13 of 24 Draft legislative packet – fall meeting 10/20/2006

UR06.22 5A Cyclocross obstacles – submitted by Tom Simonson
Last year we passed legislation permitting more than one set of barriers events. This legislation clarifies that this should be the exception rather standard practice, and gives some examples for obstacles and “acrobatics”.
5A11. Races which are not UCI events, national championships, or used riders for national teams or international competition may have two additional temporary artificial barriers (3 total). The barriers must meet the specifications
5A10 and the total number of obstacles may not exceed 6. The additional temporary barriers should be done only in unusual circumstances (e.g. local tradition at a particular event or the lack of suitable terrain); the standard cyclo-cross course should have at most one set of temporary barriers.

5A12. The course may cross bridges or footbridges provided that they are a minimum of 3 meters wide and that there is a guard rail on both sides. A non-slip surface (carpet, wire mesh, or special anti-slip paint) shall be used on bridges and footbridges. A separate footbridge shall be provided for spectators.
5A13. No acrobatics on the part of the riders shall be required to overcome obstacles. This includes such items as excessively steep or slippery run-ups and steps so high that riders have difficulty climbing them.
5A14. Having consulted the Organizer, the Chief Referee may decide that artificial obstacles shall be removed if the circuit is unusually slippery.

Honestly, I’m all for it. It doesn’t force promoters/course designers to only have one set of barriers but it definitely encourages it more strongly. I’m all for having some barriers but it’s nice to have a good amount of other obstacles mixed in too.

Bay Area Super prestige #2

So it was the 2nd BASP race on sunday. The course was really good. Lots of fast sections but technical in the corners too. There was also a runup with a lot of sand and a turn at the bottom that i really liked too. My biggest mistake was completely forgetting to check the lap count which was pretty silly. The race just seemed to go really quick because by the time I thought about it, as I saw the number the bell started ringing. I fel like if I’d checked earlier I could have hung onto the group of 4 that was 20seconds ahead of me. However, I managed a better result than at Hellyer park. 17/44 and 2:19 down vs. 21/43 and 3:16 down. So a nice improvement, almost a minute closer to the leader. Here are the photos:

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Ps I really wanted this but now it’s ended:

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Pps Nathan Spear has put some of the 06/07 cross races on his website! So far he has the Grote Prijs Neerpelt (which you have probably already seen on Google Video) and the first Superprestige in Ruddervoorde.

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Indoor cyclocross?

The first indoor cyclocross race has been proposed for January 17th 2007, just 10 days before the World Championships in Hooglede-Gits, Belgium. The event will take place at the Nekkerhallen arena, whose usual purpose is horse shows, in Mechelen, Belgium. The idea was proposed by the top cycling agent Paul de Geyter (of Cielo sports management) with the original intention that there would be a showdown between Bart Wellens, Filip Meirhaghe, Sven Nys and Tom Boonen(??!). Sounds crazy to me especially since it is scheduled for January (hardly Boonen’s fitness peak) and it makes me wonder exactly what the course would entail since he wants Boonen involved.

However, the idea has received mixed reviews. So far Sven Nys, Niels Albert and Sven Vanthourenhout have confirmed but Hans Van Kasteren (manager of the Fidea cycling team) is not so happy about the timing of the event. Upset that the event will take place so close before the Worlds, he is not allowing any Fidea riders to take part due to fear it may be too risky at such a critical time.

So it looks like there won’t be a showdown quite like the one first imagined but it does sound interesting nonetheless. Although it leaves me wondering, if you take out the cold, rain, wind and snow from cyclocross what do you have left? Cyclocross in california I guess.

More info at (in Dutch).

three peaks video

i just found a short documentary on the Three Peaks cyclo-cross race that was broadcast on the Countryfile tv program. Couldn’t spot my dad though.

i might live in california…

…but i still got a laugh out of this top 1o reasons to race cyclocross in New England post on

dfl #4 (diy cyclocross)

after running around three riders after the start/finish run up, i launched my attack on the bell lap of DFL #4.

dfl #4

photo stolen from joshuaofcalifornia.

thriftstore find of the day

I somehow rarely seem to find any bike related items at the thrift store. I find a jersey every once in a while, i once found a pair of bib shorts, but that’s about it. today, however, i looked up and there it was staring me right in the face. the 1965 cyclocross worlds poster! it’s certainly not the rarest cycling print, i even have it as an avatar somewhere or other, but to find it in a thrift store was pretty suprising still. The best part is that not only is it brand new and still in the protective plastic, but it is framed and matted. i’m stoked.

campionato mondiale ciclo-cross

it’s been a while

so due to moving house and not having an internet connection for 2 months, it’s been a while since my last post. here’s a quick lowdown on what’s happened.

1. Eva and I moved to the Bay Area.

2. Eva got a job the day after we moved up here. TCB!

3. We went on a 5 day road trip upto the redwoods in real NorCal. Went hiking, did a jaunt on our cyclocross bikes and got scared by a herd of elk and made tasty food on a fire.

ocean rulz

purdy light

4. I found out that it’s possible to get groceries by bike, even when you live in the ‘burbs, but it’s easier with a crate than in a bag.

unloaded messenger bag

grocery getter

5. I earned my chip as a vegan baker by making croissantes. They were as amazing as they sound. (and look:)

vegan croissants!!

6. Did my first cyclocross race of the season, the dfl #2 race. I was heckled by other competitors and i lost my chain for the first time since running a single ring with a jump stop. There was someone playing punk 45s on a portable turntable in amognst all the dirt. Brian Welton (visiting from philly) predicted the records were all 1st pressings of first releases. Dont give a shit!

me at dfl

if i can’t have a frame, i’d at least like a print

vanilla just announced they are making 150 of these prints.  $100 shipped.

this is what happens when you have a tattoo artist doing art nouveau prints.  i like it though. 

Vanilla Bicycles poster