Some Autumn Sky Photos

October Evening Sky

Port Washington Sunset

Port Washington Sunset


Tomorrow, Eva and I are moving to New York. We made the final decision 2 weeks ago so our free time since then has been spent almost entirely packing and planning. The remainder has been spent with our friends, some of whom were conveniently in town all at the same time for an awesome Hi/Bye San Diego Reunion party.

Unfortunately all this has left us with little time enjoy the Bay Area knowing we were about to leave, but we did get to go to Muir Woods and the Tourist Club one last time. This is probably one of my favourite places in the Bay Area.

Eva and I are driving across the country starting tomorrow so I’m planning on updating my blog from the road. I just set up Posterous so I can update it from my cell phone so please pester me if I don’t post enough.

p.s. Thanks to everyone who provided new homes for our plants.