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eva and i made dinner together tonight. it was barbeque tofu, kale, chard, biscuits and miso gravy. it was good. the kale and chard were growing in the garden 1/2 an hour before we ate them.

dinner, May 13th, 2006.

ryan was in town from portland for the weekend. we went on a ride today and it was fun, despite the flats. the first one ryan got on the climb up to golden hill park. as we were changing it i noticed the spare tube that had been sat in my bag for the last 6 months had suffered an abrasion from being there so long. it didn’t look like a hole so we risked it. of course it didn’t hold. at this point i had a patch kit but no more co2 or a presta adapter to use at a gas station. we walked over to thomas bikes, got his fixed and as i pumped up my tires a little to avoid any pinch flats on the way home i noticed my front tire was at 20psi. then ryan saw a goathead sticking out of it. awesome. at least i noticed it in the shop and not half way back though. so we were $20 down.

i’m not used to having other people work on my bike and i felt bad beedily watching the mechanic fix my flat. i pointed out that the tire wasn’t seated right when he started to inflate the tube. and then i asked for my old tube back too so i can patch it. i’m a horrible, picky customer. the rest of the ride was uneventful thankfully. we came home and ate cookies and talked about portland and san francisco.

ps please note that in the 24hrs previous to the getting the flats, i commented not once, but twice how i hadn’t had a flat for a year. take heed.


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    Comment by Victory — May 14, 2011 @ 1:00 pm

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