scrobbling iPod statistics with Amarok

So I just realised that amarok has a little documented feature that scrobbles your iPod history to I am kinda excited about this as I listen to more, and also different, music on my ipod than I do on the computer.

The only kind of annoying thing, which is the iPods fault rather than Amarok’s, is that the iPod history only records the number of times a track has been played and the timestamp it was *last* played. What is missing is the timestamp for every time it was played. Without this information, the scrobbler has to make up a time which is kind of silly but it’s something I can live with.

For those that are curious, to set this up you click the ‘Configure device’ button on the ‘Devices’ tab. Then check ‘syncronise with amarok statistics’. Of course, as well as scrobbling the data, this also updates the stats within amarok too.

edit: I recently switched to Gnome and started using Rhythmbox as my music manager/player. Rhythmbox does indeed send the correct timestamp data to for each track so it appears that the problem was with Amarok and not the ipod. I haven’t used amarok for a few months so I don’t know if the problem has been fixed there.