got hit

got hit by a car on the way home tonight. i was in the left hand lane and a car in the right just decided to change lanes right into me. somehow i didn’t go down but the car didn’t stop either despite my yelling and fist waving. my chain somehow came off during the incident which gave me a handicap in trying to catch up to them. i finally did after about 7 lights but by that time i really wasn’t sure if i had the right car. i went up to the driver and talked to him and he’s like “i’d have felt it if i hit you”. totally shady answer if you ask me. i just turned around and went home.

on the positive i designed the new mhb waterbottle. it’s looking pretty good.


oh yeah.  according to jacob, there’s going to be a st patty’s day alleycat on the 17th.

until afterwards

i just got back from seeing graves at sea. it was all going really well until afterwards when i accidentally deleted all the photos i took. they were good ones too. oh well.